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Here’s to 2021!

Here’s to 2021! Well, we’ve turned the page on another year, and are already deep into the first quarter of 2021.  2020 will go down in history as one of the worst ever, or maybe one of the best ever, depending on your perspective.  The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way the world works, for […]

Local and Regional Freight Services

LOCAL AND REGIONAL FREIGHT SERVICES            We specialize in industrial freight shipping all over the country, and we love the long-distance runs of course!  But because of our extensive network of carriers, we can ship things on short runs or local deliveries in many markets across the US.  If you have something shipping to a neighboring […]

Stevens West -Powered by Humans

Stevens West – Powered by Humans     What separates us from our competitors?  It’s a question we ask of ourselves frequently, and we always come back to our people as the answer.  The folks at Stevens West have a combined 77 years experience in transportation split between 4 people.  We are a small, family owned company, […]

Shipping Smaller items

LTL Shipping       Do you have just a pallet or two of parts or small items that need to go somewhere?  While we specialize in flatbed shipping, we also can ship small items on our LTL partner carriers.  Because of our volume, we get great discounts from our partners that allow us to offer rates that […]

Professional Driver Services

We get a lot of requests to move RV’s, busses, and other large trucks.   Most of the time, it’s cheaper to have those driven to their destination by a professional driver instead of loading them onto a low-boy or other specialized trailer.  There are a few restrictions, but depending on the variables, it can be […]

Thumbs up for Drivers!

Thumbs up when you see a professional driver on the road.If you could rate the best National Truck Driver Appreciation Week ever held, it still wouldn’t hold a candle to the surprising amount of praise heaped on drivers during the coronavirus crisis. Truckers have been classified “essential” workers. They’ve been lumped with health care professionals, […]


Hot-shots can be a great way to move smaller loads.  They are just smaller versions of a full-size semi-truck with a flatbed trailer.  They have a weight capacity up to 20k#, and they are lower to the ground so they can handle taller stuff.  Most of them are 40 feet long and have the capability […]

A Look at Our Services – Local Deliveries

The team at Stevens West Inc. knows all about shipping throughout the country, but we also assist with local deliveries. Check out some of the benefits of hiring us for local services: Get Your Freight Moved on a Smaller Scale – When you need to send items locally, there often seems like there are fewer […]

A Look at Our Services – Partial Loads

Stevens West Inc., your source for flatbed and step-deck shipping, provides a vast array of services for people throughout the country. One of these services is partial load shipping. Take a look at some of the benefits of this service: Ship Smaller Loads – If you have a smaller shipment and just don’t need to […]

The Uses of Heavy Haul Trucking

You’ve got a problem figuring out how to ship your unusually large products? Stevens West Inc. has a solution. You can always depend on this reputable and experienced firm’s heavy haul trucking services. They are known for making complex moves safe and simple, especially during passages that require moving over-sized freight. Trust experience when it […]