Flatbed and Step-Deck Shipping

Flatbed Truck driving up the highway

When it comes to flatbed and step-deck shipping, the team at Stevens West Inc. is here for you. Our core business, customers can utilize open flatbeds for hard to load items, longer items, job site deliveries, or any particular circumstance where a box trailer won’t work for whatever reason.  We can offer 48’ flatbeds, 48’ and 53’ step-decks, as well as flatbeds with side-kit tarping systems, flatbeds with Conestoga tarping systems, all loads can be tarped to protect from the elements.

In addition to standard flatbed trucking, our business also provides partial flatbed transportation services. We ship partial loads or full loads all over North America.  You can read our ‘Trailer Selector Guide’ for more information on which trailer will work properly for your needs. When you work with us, you are gaining access to our massive network of flatbed trucking companies. With our help, you’ll have no problem finding freight moving assistance when others can’t deliver the services you need.