We get a lot of requests to move RV’s, busses, and other large trucks.   Most of the time, it’s cheaper to have those driven to their destination by a professional driver instead of loading them onto a low-boy or other specialized trailer.  There are a few restrictions, but depending on the variables, it can be much cheaper to have vehicles like that driven instead of shipped. 

We offer a service where a professional driver can come and pick up your larger vehicle, and drive it to the destination.  We’ll always need to know the year, make and model, what type of fuel it needs (diesel or gas), and what the GVWR  (overall weight capacity) is, and if it has a rear trailer hitch or not.  Many times, a driver will tow a small car behind the truck so that he can get to his next destination.  As long as the vehicle is road-worthy, and capable of passing a DOT inspection along the way, we’d be happy to give you a quote for a professional driver service for your large truck, bus or RV.  It would need to have good tires, brakes, wheel bearings, and all lights, mirrors and safety equipment would have to be functional.   

To put a large bus or truck onto a low-boy trailer can sometimes cost in excess of $3/mile or more on certain lanes, and the average cost for driver service can be under $2/mile at times.  And further, many larger busses and trucks won’t easily fit on a double-drop or detachable trailer.  Most of those only have 29’ in the lower ‘well’ portion of the trailer, and most busses, RV’s and many trucks are much longer than that (See our ‘Trailer Selector Guide‘). This increases the cost even further if the load would require over-sized permits for being too long or too tall. 

We’ve moved many types of vehicles with a professional driver service – standard straight trucks, garbage trucks, fire trucks, dump trucks, busses and trolley cars, and other large RV’s.  So, if you have a larger vehicle to move for your job or personal reasons, give Stevens West a shout today, and we can hook you up with a cost-effective way to move it!