LTL Shipping      

Do you have just a pallet or two of parts or small items that need to go somewhere?  While we specialize in flatbed shipping, we also can ship small items on our LTL partner carriers.  Because of our volume, we get great discounts from our partners that allow us to offer rates that may be better than what you can get as an infrequent shipper. 

We understand how confusing it can be, the on-line world of shipping can be quite overwhelming.  It’s like trying to book a rental car or hotel.  You want the best deal you can find, but don’t want to spend all day doing it!  Let us help you with the process, we take over and can easily become your company’s ‘shipping department’.  We’ll take every step necessary to make sure you’re getting the best deal, and pass any shipping savings on to you.  We also manage all the details. 

LTL carriers have strict rules about dimensions and weights, so those need to be double-checked for accuracy.  They also need the bill of lading to read a certain way, since they end up billing off of that paperwork.  We provide a bill of lading that’s filled out correctly with the appropriate weight, dimensions, freight class and billing information. 

The freight also needs to be packaged well, and palletized, with the ability to move the pallet around.  Normally, an LTL carrier will transfer the pallet into different trucks a few times throughout the trip.  That allows them to consolidate many shipments going the same direction so they can give us fairly cheap rates.  But it also means the freight must be prepared to be moved around, and protected appropriately.  The cheapest rates they offer are for ‘standard ground’ service, usually a certain number of days of transit time.  But they also offer ‘expedited’ service, with quicker delivery times, but an increased rate for that quicker service. 

But we can negotiate all of these details for you, and get you fair shipping rates for smaller items.  Next time you have a pallet or two,  think of Stevens West, we can help!