Stevens West – Powered by Humans    

What separates us from our competitors?  It’s a question we ask of ourselves frequently, and we always come back to our people as the answer.  The folks at Stevens West have a combined 77 years experience in transportation split between 4 people.  We are a small, family owned company, but still utilize the latest in technological advancements and tools to run as efficiently as possible.  When you call us, a person answers the phone.  We never have automated responses to emails, we always respond personally.  Most of our customers have said that’s the thing they appreciate about us the most – we care.  We are an extension of their service to their customer.  We dive in with both feet to move our customer’s freight the best way possible at the most reasonable cost. 

While technology has streamlined some processes and changed the way we shop, work and live, no one can discount the human connection, especially when we need answers.   Have you ever tried to call a large trucking company and get a human on the phone?  It’s like calling the government; they almost discourage you from contacting them by phone!  We make it easy to get quick answers, whether it’s on-line or on the phone, we’ll always get back to you quickly.  Our web-based contact form and quote request both go straight to our general email box, so we all see it right away and can respond in a timely manner. And if you ever do need to leave a message, we’ll be returning your call just as quickly as we can. 

So next time you need a quick answer, a quote, or just need to find out what kind of trailer might work best for your particular load, don’t hesitate to reach out to us either on the phone, email or through the website.  Stevens West – we always have been and always will be powered by humans!