We specialize in industrial freight shipping all over the country, and we love the long-distance runs of course!  But because of our extensive network of carriers, we can ship things on short runs or local deliveries in many markets across the US.  If you have something shipping to a neighboring state, or even across town, there’s still a good chance we can help you!

We have relationships with good local and regional carriers across most of the US, including most places in the westernmost  8 states – California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and Montana.  Being from Colorado, we have great access for shipping within or between Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico.  Our network extends throughout the Great Plains, from Texas, up through Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Missouri.  We have the Midwest covered as well, with great local and regional partners from Wisconsin, around the Great Lakes through Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  Need to ship a load of steel across town in Chicago, or from Milwaukee to Detroit, or Cincinnati to Columbus?  We can help!  We also have many resources in the southeast as well.  We can handle local and regional shipments within Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida and the Carolinas.  The eastern seaboard and New England are also well represented in our network of partners. 

We even have good carriers in most major markets within Canada as well – Vancouver BC area, Calgary and Edmonton AB, Regina and Saskatoon SK, Winnipeg, Toronto and Ottawa Ontario, and Montreal QC.  It’s all just what we’ve established in our almost 34 years in business. 

So, next time you have something to ship across town or across the country, think of Stevens West, we can help!