Hot-shots can be a great way to move smaller loads.  They are just smaller versions of a full-size semi-truck with a flatbed trailer.  They have a weight capacity up to 20k#, and they are lower to the ground so they can handle taller stuff.  Most of them are 40 feet long and have the capability to handle most types of freight.  Some of them even have air ride suspension and full tarps.  But, since they’re smaller than a regular flatbed, and are usually pulled by a dually pick-up truck, or smaller tractor, they can get in and out of tight spaces easier than a full-size truck and trailer.  If you have a tight pick-up or delivery area, or residential delivery, they can be just perfect.   They’re just like mini-flatbeds! 

Sometimes, hot shots can be more expensive than a regular flatbed, because the freight has to be there fast.  Other times, they can be cheaper than a regular trailer since they’re cheaper to operate.  It all depends on the time frame required.  The tighter the time frame, the more expensive things can get.  The trick to moving partial loads on any trailer is that there needs to be some time flexibility with pick-up and delivery dates.  Most times with partial loads, the driver needs more time to pick-up and deliver other pieces to fill out the load.

We get a lot of requests for hotshots for smaller freight, or smaller freight that might be in a hurry.  There’s a lot of interest in those lately, and we can arrange these for our customers.  We have hotshot carriers that go coast to coast as well as regional and local carriers in most markets.   And like always, we verify licensing and insurance on all our carriers before they haul a load.  Give us a call anytime to find out if a hot-shot trailer might be right for you.  We can also verify sizes, weight, and time requirements to find out if a hot-shot trailer could save you some freight money.   So, next time you have a smaller load to move, consider requesting a hot-shot.