Tow-Away Service

A row of trucks representing the availability of trucks to Stevens West.

Just like moving a truck or bus, the team at Stevens West Inc. can also move your semi-trailer or trailer mounted machine all over the country. As flatbed and step-deck shipping specialists, our staff is always ready to assist you. Trailers must also be road-worthy and able to pass a DOT inspection. If all you need is a trailer moved with ‘power only’ service, we can do that. When you are not an option for gooseneck trailers or smaller light-duty stuff, we’ll hook up with a standard semi-tractor and tow your trailer wherever it’s needed.

Moving trailers is one of the many services we provide. It doesn’t matter if you choose us for heavy equipment transport or you are just looking to hire machinery movers who are willing to work on a local level, the Stevens West Inc. team understands your needs and is prepared to help you move your items today.