Technology has created great efficiencies in life and especially in business. With examples ranging from how we interact socially via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram; to major interruptions in business models like Uber, Amazon, EBay, Home Away, and now even Apply pay. These companies and their disciples continue to innovate, and work to disrupt industries, creating amazing business models that make everyone think twice about how we do things.   On the consumer side, Apple has possibly achieved the greatest success in balancing technology and the physical world, by essentially creating the devises that make it easier for us to live and work digitally. But some would question their customer service, and openness to those that haven’t fully devoted their lives to Apple and their world order.

But as society watches in awe at these amazing innovations, and sits back and waits for the next great wave of tech, we mustn’t forget about the power of human interaction. The digital world can only get us so far. We must remember that algorithms are constrained by rules and are only as powerful as the information that is available. And until they can teleport 40,000 lbs of concrete from point A to point B, and computers can skillfully navigate a complex logistical project with ease and grace quicker than a human being with 30+ years of logistics experience, we will always need hard assets, and the experience and expertise of professional people to get them to where they need to go.

The right combination of technology, physical products, and the service supporting these endeavors, still stands to be the biggest challenge of this century. As Stevens West strives and competes to find the perfect balance of technology, physical assets and human capital, you can rest assured that we will always default to having a human pick up the phone, and cognitively help you solve your shipping needs. Not only do we have real humans on the other end of the phone, we have people who care, and want to work hard to ensure your shipment gets delivered on time, and for a reasonable price. And with over 60 years of combined transportation experience and expertise, you can trust us with you logistical needs, no matter the size and scope of the project.

So give us a call, and find out what we can do for you. (And if we can’t find the answer to something, we’ll Google it!)

-Stevens West. Powered by humans.