Flatbed Trucking |StevensWest.comAre you a shipper seeking high-end flatbed trucking services? The team at Stevens West Inc. is here to help you. Our business features 48’ flatbeds for your needs, including selections with side-kit tarping systems or conastoga tarping systems. We want your shipping service to be as efficient as possible, so we are happy to provide you with the advice you need before you request a quote.

One of the most vital aspects of getting a quote from our business is making sure that you have all of the information ready and on hand before you make the request. Shippers need tape-measured dimensions of the cargo, as well as weight, origin, and destination information. If a driver expects a shipment to take up 12 feet and it takes up more, than you will have to spend more money on your shipment. The same goes for mid-shipment location changes. Additionally, you should make sure that you mention any special requests ahead of time.

Providing as much info as possible to your drivers is important! When you want dependable flatbed trucking services, you can rest assured the team at Stevens West Inc. can provide you with the services you need. Contact us today to learn more about our services.